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There are probably other cool tricks as well, so if you have any to share with the world, you can post them in a comment. I always new there was a better way of selecting data, only took me a year to get off my butt and find out what that was!

How to Select Rows, Columns, or Worksheets in Excel

Thanks for your descriptive yet simplified explanation, just cut and pasted a huge data set that would have taken me ages and annoyed the hell out of me! I quick way to select all your data.

MS Excel: How to Select Different Multiple Cell, Columns & Rows

Ctrl and Home to Go to cell A1. Your email address will not be published.

I recently wrote a post about how to query hierarchical data without recursion in PostgreSQL. Now it is time to talk about how to do it with recursion. Hierarchical data stored in a relational database such as PostgreSQL can be tricky to work with.

An organization is an example of a hierarchical structure. Read more…. If you are annoyed by the fact that you can no longer control the volume of native videos in Google Chrome you are not alone.

Quick Excel Tip – Quickly Select Cells In A Range – Chris West's Blog

Originally Chrome allowed you to control the volume of videos: Therefore a quick tip to select a large range of non-empty cells in a column, you can do the following: Select the top-most cell in the desired range. This will select all of the cells in the range as long as there are no empty cells in the range.

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If the range does contain empty cells, instead of dragging the selection from the top to the bottom, you can do the following: You can select or refer to more than one cell at a time. To select a group of cells, drag the mouse cursor across the cells you want to select.

When you release the mouse button, the range of cells becomes highlighted, and the row numbers and column headers are darkened to indicate the selected range. Excel uses a colon: Type A1: C5 in the cell address box, in cell formulas, or in dialogs to indicate a range of cells whose top-left position is A1, and whose bottom-right position is C5.

The Excel Skinny

Cell ranges can be named. To select noncontiguous ranges of cells, hold down the Command button as you drag the mouse cursor over cell ranges or select individual cells by clicking them.

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  • Select all the blank cells within a range of cells.
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Near cell A1 left of A column header and above the 1 row header is a special button that looks like a small triangle. Clicking this button selects all the cells of a worksheet at once.

Frequently used shortcuts

When you hover the mouse cursor over this button, it takes on a different arrow. Click this button to select all cells on the worksheet. This is the same as pressing Command-A.