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Nice inbox features and search functions. FYI: Spark stores your credentials in their cloud unlike your typical email client which stores them locally. I use spark and mostly happy, but the fact that I cannot setup inbox rules if subject equals then trash is a bit frustrating. This is the main thing that keeps me on Apple Mail. In any kind of work context it's absolutely required for me, and the other alternative mail clients mostly concentrate on being pretty, unfortunately.

You can set up those in Gmail directly. Don't use Gmail for personal. Another Spark user here. Works great. I'm also using the iOS version. Spark works great for me too! Mutt is great if you're not often dealing with images or rich text, and if you love keyboard-based workflows. I was a mutt guy for a while. But I've found apps like MailMate or even GMail's web client to be keyboardy enough , without some of the compromises and pain points e. Not sure why this is being downvoted. It works for a lot of people I know, is modular, stable, open-source and works across the Unixen.

The obvious tradeoff the relative lack of polish and overhead during initial setup, but if you're willing to put up with that it's a fine choice. I have wanted to switch to mutt a few times but it feels complicated to setup and adapt to my workflow. Plus I want to POP down most mailboxes but not all of them.

Email Application Setup - Apple Mail

I also use Mutt. Doches on Sept 24, Works great, lightning-fast to use, and with a very Mac-native feel. I've liked Airmail, but it has a tendency towards weird bugs e. Email tools, imho, need to be 'boring', stable, and predictable, and Airmail never has been, any of the times I've tried to use it. Does that store mail on their servers at all? It's becoming increasingly confusing as to which of these new mail clients require a 3rd party server for them to do their "magic" on. I don't believe Airmail requires any 3rd party server.

I have been using Airmail for a few years now and really like it. It does OAuth with GMail, but it's a local client. I have to dissent unfortunately, I find it slow, buggy, unwieldy, and it will frequently do crazy things to HTML formatted emails. Works like a charm. Also has the best "less important emails" inbox implementation that I've used so far. The whole gimmick of an AI bot I could chat with is just that, a gimmick, but bot the desktop and mobile apps are solid.

Wishlist items remaining: Newton had you have a Newton account that would automatically set up all your accounts when you installed it on a new device, but Astro doesn't do that. Also, I'd love it to automatically pick the right account to send from once I type in the recipient's address, based on past correspondence, like Newton did.

But neither of these are even small issues. That's a short sunset period I just got the announcement email as well.

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I loved Astro. Came to this thread after hearing the announcement :. I've had a good experience with Mailspring. It has a clean user interface and sets of key bindings that are similar to email clients like Mail.

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Does any integrate with Microsoft Exchange and their encryption of emails? It has made my use of Thunderbird less and less an option because of this. Overall quite happy with them. It hasn't been updated in a while, but works well. I can't go back to the dreaded thread layout of most mail clients at this point. I wanted to use this, but i couldn't get any answer from the developers if the App stores my e-mail credentials on their cloudservice.


There was a review on app store where the user had their account overtaken in connection with installing the app. Been using it for a couple years. Not aware of any cloud based account, there isn't a single mention of that anywhere.

Roundup: The best Mac email clients for push Gmail

It's just a standalone mail client. I could be wrong though! You can pry Eudora from my cold dead hands…. How does it feel holding on to a relic? If so I'd love to hear if there is a still-maintained version as well as the reasons sticking to it. I have an OS X The main missing feature is UTF-8, but as an English speaker it hasn't been a problem in practice. I've been really enjoying Canary. Good cross platform support for iOS and Mac and its a one time purchase instead of monthly.

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Add in the security features, snoozing, and smart notifications and its almost at inbox levels. Find What You Need Customize searches by sender, subject, date range and other attributes.

Find Files and Images Search for all the files and images hiding in your email. Your Email, Your Way.

The Best Third-Party Email App for Mac

Group Your Accounts Organize your accounts into groups, then access unified views within each. Open Folders in Tabs Like a web browser, navigate your inboxes, folders, topics or contacts in tabs. Stay on Top of Things Create reminders and pin them to the top of your message list, so they stay top-of-mind. Power Tools for Professionals. Always Send from the Correct Account Postbox highlights contacts when you address a message from the wrong account. Power Through Your Day. Easily Reuse Attachments Browse files or images in the compose window, reuse with just a click.

Keep Yourself on Target Track the time and effort you spend composing messages. Easy on the Eyes. Work in Dark or Light Modes You asked for it, we delivered. Easily Switch Modes Easily switch between themes using our new "Theme" button to the Postbox toolbar.