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6 Best Free MP3 Tag Editor For Mac

Can it be done? Post 1 of 6. Joined: Mar 1, Posts: Likes: Is there a program, preferrably for Mac OS X that can find the missing artwork, download it and embed it on the files? Thank you very much in advance for your help, google has not been kind the last 45 minutes that I've been looking for this. Mar 22, at AM. Post 2 of 6. Joined: Mar 9, There are not that many tag editors for the Mac. Let alone any good ones that fetch data to clean your audio files tags. What I do suggest is searching for a decent tag editor, and manually fill in data, album art, etc.

Top 5 Free ID3 Tag Editor for Mac in 12222(Including macOS 10.13 High Sierra)

I have used Yate in the past, but fetching was minimal. It has gone through updates, and therefore I cannot speak of what it is like today.

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It has a free demo, so does not hurt to try. Just edit the files you need and call it done. If not try looking through macupdate.

Rogue Amoeba | Fission: Fast & Lossless Audio Editing

They got lots of options there. I listen to a lot of indie music, so it does not always fetch the correct data. As well the manual mode is simple, and easier to use now. DoomForce likes this. Apr 8, at PM. Post 3 of 6. Feb 28, at PM. Post 4 of 6.


The new cover finder feature helps you find album artworks online, in one click. Easily find quality album covers in your preferred size Normal, Large, XL. Album artworks are easily set or replaced by dragging images to the artwork view. You can adjust existing images on-demand scale, crop, compress , and configure Meta to automatically adjust new images upon adding, in order to keep your audio files size to a minimum.

If you're aiming for consistent naming of your music files, Meta's ability to convert tags to filenames will be of great help: Specify a pattern and automatically rename each file according to its metadata.

Move and organise files in subfolders automatically, using the Create Directory feature. Each slash in the pattern will be interpreted as a folder delimiter. Convert file names, file paths, or other metadata to tags by specifying a conversion pattern. Use regular expressions or escape tokens to filter-out unwanted information from the Tags.

Tag .DSF (audio) Free on Mac

Compose a Tag's value by mixing plain text and metadata tokens. This feature will prove particularly useful when wanting to append or prepend text to the current tag's value. When it comes to editing albums or compilations, you don't want to be manually assigning each track number. Thanks to the Track Numbering assistant, you just need to arrange tracks in the desired order; Meta will do the rest…. Find and replace text, words, or regular expressions in the Tags, using the native text finder interface.

8 Free MP3, AAC, Flac, MP4, Wav Metadata Tag Editors

Metadata preferences allow you to choose which type of metadata formats will be written to your files. Different versions of the ID3v2 format are available. For example, if you're running a version of macOS before Or if you input text in Cyrillic, you will need to use ID3v2. Once you're done editing in Meta, you can add the files to iTunes or refresh the changes, using a single command.

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Meta can also autocomplete on-type using data from your iTunes library. Meta was built with care for great user experience.

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Meta is powered by TagLib : a well-tested , open-source tagging engine. Edits are instantaneous, and if you make a mistake, you can always undo your changes. Support Updates Contact Download. Native, Customisable Interface Working with Meta is remarkably simple, mostly because its layout is very intuitive. Powerful Batch Editing Most of the changes you do will be aimed at multiple files — like setting missing album artwork.